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SymbolStyleEditor Symbolizer Expert Mode
Symbolizer Area BarChart ClusterPoint Dimensioning GeometryCollection HeatMap Line PieChart Point Raster Text Traffic Network

Trafficnetwork main.png

Field Description
Unit Three possible options:
  • Pixel
  • Meter
  • Foot
Blue.pngPixel is a scale independent unit. That means that the symbol has the same size at every scale of the map. Meter and Foot are scale dependent.

ZLevel The height value of your geometry.
Displaylevel Defines the display level within the map.
Blue.pngIf ZLevel and Displaylevel are of the same value, the Displaylevel value wins.

Stroke symbolizer.png Adds a stroke to the traffic network symbolizer.
Field Description
Size Defines the size of the stroke.
Color Choose the color of the stroke by clicking on the color button.
Opacity in %: Allows you to change the opacity of the stroke within the style.
Dasharray: Initializes the spacing between the particular line segments.
Initial Dashoffset: Displacement of the dash depending on the original one.

Blue.pngAlso database values are allowed. Just click the database button on the right side of the textbox. So the button Database inactive.png switches to Database active.png.

Blue.pngHere you will find a HowTo.

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