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A click on a feature from the list opens the form containing all information and settings of the selected feature. The General tab defines the feature with the following properties:

Blue.pngThe General tabs explanations are described here. Choose from the table which data source you've used.


test To the top Pfeil new.png

Tooltips in GeoMedia Smart Client are based on HTML. HTML supplies a lot graphical tools in webbased cartography. You can create tooltips in every graphical styleformat you are accustomed by HTML.

Additionaly the Smart Client supports dynamic values in the definition of a tooltip. That means you can use references to feature attributes in the specification of the tooltip.

To prevent circumstantial HTML coding the Smart Client provides a tooltip editor in that users users are adjusted to publishing and editing in a more visually straightforward WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) environment.

The editor looks as the following and is subdivided in two sections the "graphical" and the "coding" one:

Tooltip Editor.png

Symbol Description
Typographical emphasis.png
Change the layout of the font to Bold, Italic and Underline.
Font editor.png
Mark your text and select a font in which you want to style it. Note that the editor only provides the fonts contained in the dropdown list
Mark your text and select a font in which you want to style it. Note that the editor only provides the fonts contained in the dropdown list
center‎ Functions for wrapping the text
Defining an indent or an outdent for the tooltip.
Formatting your text as for example Heading 1.
Use these two functions to set a listing.
GMSC 2015
Use this button to create a table within the tooltip.
Selectattribut plain.png
Select the attribute from the feature that you want to load dynamicly. Click on the function and choose a attribut from the dropdwonlist. The attributsyntax will be automaticly set in the resultview.
Html own.png
GMSC 2015
You can insert your own HTML code into the tooltip.


test To the top Pfeil new.png

This example shows how to create tooltips for the type of schools in Las Vegas.


1. At first you define the indicator of the data in the tooltip. Therefore type in the empty text box School Type.

Tooltip example3.png

2. Then use the function Insert HTML to initialize the attributes behind the indicator. Select the attribute TYPE to insert the placeholder for the attributes, named {ENTITY.TYPE}.

Tooltip example1.png


3. Format the text in the textarea. Here we want to have the indicators in a bold view

Tooltip example2.png

4. Set the features at the role to Activate. How to do this see Feature Rights.
5. See the result in the Client:

Tooltip result.png

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