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|Project CS |Defines the project coordinate system. It has to be a projected coordinate system, that means your coordinates are in metrical unit. So for example if your data is stored in the database with WGS84 coordinates, you have to choose here a projected coordinate system (for exmaple UTM) and set the coordinate system of the feature to WGS84. |- |Display CS |Defines the display coordinate system for the GeoMedia Smart Client; this may vary from the Project CS and is independent of the data coordinate system. |- |Edit CS |Click on the pencil (Edit cs.png) beside the drop down list and you can edit the chosen coordinate system. <br\>

Blue.pngYou have to choose first a coordinate system to edit it.

|- |Add CS |Click on the Add tab.png button beside the Edit CS button to add a coordinate system. Make sure to have a corresponding CSF file (GeoMedia coordinate system file) available. If you have to define your own CSF file you can use the CCSDefCSF.exe which is installed with GeoMedia Smart Client. <br\>

Blue.pngYou can find it at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Intergraph\Coordinate Systems\2.0.1\Program\CCSDefCSF.exe

This list of coordinate systems will be available whenever creating a new project or editing an existing one. It is not necessarily the list of coordinate systems that is available to the client. <br\>

Blue.pngIf the EPSG code is set, be sure it's the correct one.