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A Workflow-Link is used for quick navigation inside the HTML-Workflow to have access to frequently used Workflow-Nodes. The Workflow-LinkGroup/Workflow-Link elements are positioned on the left of the main workflow window; they are implemented as a self-extending list element. They will be shown in the GUI as follows:

Workflow links

The Workflow-Links have to be packed inside the Workflow-LinkGroup tag, which provides a container for structuring similar elements. The general usage is:

  1.  <WorkflowLinkGroup name="OrganizationGroup" label="Organization: {SESSION.ORGNAME}">
  2.   <WorkflowLink nodeid="110"/>
  3.   <WorkflowLink nodeid="120"/>                 
  4.  </WorkflowLinkGroup>
  5.  <WorkflowLinkGroup name="OperationGroup" label="Operations" authorization="CLAIM[WF_ADMIN]">
  6.   <WorkflowLink nodeid="210"/>
  7.   <WorkflowLink nodeid="220"/>                 
  8.  </WorkflowLinkGroup>

WorkflowLinkGroup - Attribute

Attribute Mandatory Description
name yes Name of the Workflow-LinkGroup.

 <name="OrganizationGroup" />
authorization no Only users with the appropriate Role/Claim are authorized to view/process the element.

 <authorization="ROLE[ADMIN,EDITOR]" />
 <authorization="CLAIM[WF_ADMIN,WF_EDIT]" />
label no Labeltext of the Workflow-LinkGroup, supplemental information added with the actual session variable

(is replaced with an empty string if the variable is undefined).

 <label="Organizations: {SESSION.ORGNAME}" />

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WorkflowLink - Attribute

Attribute Mandatory Description
nodeid yes Defines the NodeID for the Workflow-Link.

 <nodeid="210" />
workflow no It is also possible to redirect the user to another Workflow.
Blue.pngThe name of the referenced workflow is case sensitive.

If this attribute is omitted, the node of the current workflow is referenced.

 <workflow="localization" />

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