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WMTS Publish Order New Edit

To publish your WMTS in case you want to use it in GeoMedia Smart Client and/or Public Maps, you have to click New WMTS Publish Order. Publish Orders will be automatically executed by the Smart Client Publisher service.

New wmtsorder.png

Field Description
Name Name of your WMTS Publish Order.
Owner Isn't editable, but shows you who is the owner (logged in user of the GeoMedia Smart Client Administrator) of the publish order.
Project Drop down list, which shows all of your previously generated projects.
Wmts Drop down list, which shows all of the WMTS that corresponds to the project which is selected in the previous step.
Zoomlevel With this drop down list you can define, where the publish order should start to publish the WMTS.

Blue.pngIf you don't define a value on this field, the publish order starts at the zoomlevel 0.

Click Save to save the changes.

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