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Statusbar UI.png
The Status bar contains map-relevant information, such as the scale of the map or the current coordinates of the mouse cursor, and it also contains instructional information (for example, when drawing a new feature).
Statusbar coordinates.png

Blue.pngTo get the possibility to switch between different coordinate system, you have to assign coordinate systems to the role. Details can be found here.

Additionally, the status bar contains one button on the right side (Logfile button.png ) of the status bar, where you can inspect application-relevant log-files. Click the button to open the log-file dialog box:

LogFile dialog.png

Click Show current log file (CTRL+L) to open the current log file with the text editor.

Click Show all log files (CTRL+SHIFT+L) to open the folder where the application log-files are stored.

Additionally, you can specify the log-level.

By clicking on the Hide show legend.png command, you expand or diminish the map window by hiding or showing the legend window, respectively.

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