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The Query panel allows you to select features on the map and to conduct spatial and attributive queries. It is divided into the following five sub-panels:

Field Description
Input query.png Search with input: Offers the ability to query features on the map by quantitive and qualitive attribute values.
Input select query.png Combined search: This is a functionality, you can query features by specifying a combination of attributive contraints and a spatial feature selection.
Select query.png Search with selection: This sub-panel offers the ability to conduct spatial queries on the basis of map selection.
Settings query.png Settings: In this sub-panel, you can specify settings concerning the query result.
  • Quick Pick: When you select features with the Selection tools, the feature class selection window will open, which contains a list of the adjacent feature classes and where you have to pick the correct one.
Blue.pngOnly available if you have assigned the claim Quick Pick to the specific role. How to assign the claim can be read here.

  • Infomode: The query will be executed right after the feature selection.
  • New datagrid: The query results will always be displayed in a new data window.
Selection query.png Selection tools: This sub-panel contains various commands to select features on the map. For a detailed description and practical examples, visit chapter Feature Selection Tools

Practical examples regarding the conducting of spatial and attributive queries are described in the Queries chapter.

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