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The Navigational tools allow you to navigate through the map, including panning and zooming functionalities.


Additionally, you can refine and customize your navigational actions by using the dark blue buttons on the top-right. The commands are described in the following table:

Navigational tools
Symbol Description
For Panning just click on the map and move the mouse to an arbitrary position. So you can relocate the map extract to an arbitrary position. The line which is drawn when you pan the map indicates the pan distance.
Pan wheel.png With the arrow buttons (up, right, down, left) located within the circular ring, you can horizontally and vertically shift the map extract by a predefined distance.
Navigation plus button.PNG Zoom in one level in the map.
Navigation minus button.PNG Zoom out one level in the map.
Nav zoombox icon.png The Zoom Box button allows you to zoom to a certain map extract, whose extent is specified by a drawn rectangle.
Nav ZoomComplete icon.png The Zoom complete project button causes the map to zoom out to the highest predefined level.
Nav zoomLastView icon.png With the Zoom last view button, you can undo your last zoom action.
Clear selection.png Allows you to clear the selections within the map.
Blue.pngOnly gets active if a geometry/feature is selected.

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