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The Menu window is located on the very top of the user interface. It consists of the four tabs (Dimensioning, Measure, Printing and Redline), each containing a number of corresponding tools.

Left side

test To the top Pfeil new.png

Tab Description
Dimensioning The Dimensioning tab offers numerous commands to plot dimensioning lines with length specifications:


For a detailed description and corresponding practical examples, visit Dimensioning.

Measure The Measure tab contains commands to perform point, line, distance, and area measurement:


For a detailed description and practical examples, visit Measure.

Printing The Printing tab contains commands for analog (paper) and digital printing (clipboard or file):


For a detailed description and practical examples, visit Printing.

Redline The Redline tab contains commands to draw point, line, area, buffer, and text features on the map:


For a detailed description and practical examples, visit Redlining.

Right side

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Quick Search

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GMSC 2014

This search bar allows you to have fast access to some functionality of GeoMedia Smart Client and works like a filter. With the shortcut CTRL+Q your mouse cursor automatically focuses into the search bar and you are able to type something in.


There are several options, what you can type in. Starting position in this case is the input parc:


Parameters Description
Bookmarks Bookmark results are identified with a star, like the Bookmarks Panel.

Quicksearch bookmark.png

Blue.pngDouble click on the bookmark to open it.

Features Feature results are identified with a gyro, like the Legend Panel.

Quicksearch feature.png

Quicksearch visible.png

Quicksearch hide.png

Quicksearch active.png

Blue.pngDouble click to set it visible, hide or active.

Queries Query results are identified with a loupe, like the Query Panel.

Quicksearch query.png

Blue.pngDouble click on the query result to open it.

Blue.pngIf you have for example a query Search by input, after the double click on the result of the Quick Search the input window opens automatically and you can type something in.

Coordinates Coordinate results are identified with a globe, like in the Menu Window.

Quicksearch coordinate.png

Blue.pngDouble click on one result and the map centers to the defined coordinates.

Blue.pngAs you can see at the screenshot above, it is possible to type in geographic as well as projected coordinates. Only works if the geographic coordinates are within the bounding box of the project

Scale Scale results are idientified with a the same globe as Coordinates, but the text differs from coordinates.

Quicksearch scale.png

Blue.pngDouble click on the result and the map gets scaled to the defined entry.

Video (Quick Search)

test To the top Pfeil new.png

This video shows how the extended tooltip looks like in GeoMedia Smart Client.

Other Commands

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The commands on the right side of the menu window are described in the following table:

Menu window commands (right side of the menu window)
Ltt client wsdefinition.png This button shows up, if you want to use LTT. There are three requisites to use Long-Term-Transactions.
  • Claim named LTT must be assigned. Details can be found here.
  • Admin schema must be in Oracle.
  • LTT must be activated for one of your used features.
Abort allactions.png Aborts all actions in the map.
Ext tooltip.PNG Starts the extended tooltip mode. After a click in the map all tooltips in any analysable and visible layers are shown.
StartGPSButton.png If you click on the symbol you will start GPS. If you click on the arrow on the right side, you will get the GPS settings window. For more details have a look here.
Synchronise cache icon.png Synchronizes the cache (for more information, see Synchronize Cache).
Center map coordinates.png Centers the map to the coordinates specified in the construction aid.
Reload project.png Reloads the current project.
Change project.png If two or more projects are assigned to the same user, you can change it here.
Help icon.png Opens the wiki-help manual in your browser.

Extended tooltip

test To the top Pfeil new.png

Here is an example how the extended tooltip looks like in the GeoMedia Smart Client. When the extended tooltip is activated (just click on the button), click somewhere on the map and the tooltip is shown. Before the Smart Client can show you the extended tooltip, three terms must be fullfilled:

  • The feature has to be locatable (How to activate the attribute Is locatable see Section Single Feature).
  • The user must have the right to see tooltips (How to give user rights see Section Role ).
  • The feature must have an existing tooltip (How to add or edit tooltips see Section Tooltips).


GMSC 2014 There are some new selection tools available for Extended tooltip in GeoMedia Smart Client.

Extended tooltip.png

As you can see in the previous figure, you are now able to use Line, Area or Circle additionally to Point selection to choose for the Extended tooltip.

Video (Extended Tooltip)

test To the top Pfeil new.png

This video shows how the extended tooltip looks like in GeoMedia Smart Client.

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