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GMSC 2014

The bookmark window is part of the left panel in GeoMedia Smart Client. It serves an overview for all available bookmarks.


The panel is divided in three parts:

Part Description
Header You can define a specific filter for the bookmarks.


Main window All available bookmarks

with a screenshot of the map window and the name of the bookmark in a thumbnail.

Action You have the same operations available as in the bookmark manager (see here).


A click on the thumbnail is selecting the desired bookmark and a right click opens a new window, where you can choose between different actions:


Options for the bookmark
Open bookmark.png Opens the selected bookmark.
Edit bookmark.png Edits the selected bookmark.
Delete bookmark.png Deletes the selected bookmark. You have to confirm the deletion with Yes.
Copy bookmark.png Copies the selected bookmark. Bookmarkcopy.png
Export bookmark.png Exports the selected bookmark. Then you choose the directory, where the .bookmark file should be stored. Confirm the choice with Export.
Share bookmark.png Shares the selected bookmark with all users in the same project. The bookmark is moved to the administration schema and deleted from the local disc.

Double click on a specific bookmark opens it automatically in the map window.

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