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The user interface of GeoMedia Smart Client is divided into nine major parts:


The Map window represents the central element of the user interface, which communicates spatial information to the user, incorporating a dynamic map which contains several geographic features. Diverse windows and toolbars are arranged around it for navigating through the map, for measuring distances, for searching for addresses, and so on.

Map Window

test To the top Pfeil new.png

The Map window covers the major part of the user interface and is located in the center-right part of the application. It incorporates a dynamic map which displays geospatial information to the user. The map extract and map content can be controlled by functionalities on the windows and toolbars of the user interface:

Map control
Menu Window Adding new features to the map. It is divided into two major parts (left and right side).
Query Panel Query panel.png Selecting features on the map. Prerequisite is a definition of the query in the Administrator of GeoMedia Smart Client. Detailed information can be found here.
Legend Panel Controls which features are depicted on the map, including their visibiliy, analyzability, symbols, and scale dependancy. You have also the possibility to adjust the scale and the map extract, which should be visible (Overview Window).
Bookmarks Panel Bookmarks panel.png Gives an overview of all available bookmarks.
Navigational Tools Panning and zooming of the map extract.
Construction Aid Adding new features to the map.
Data Window Adapts the query results.
Snapping Toolbar With the snapping toolbar the accuracy of selecting a specific point gets increased.
Status Bar Displays the current map scale and coordinate system

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