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New users are added by selecting the quick link New Users, filling the empty columns,and clicking Save.

New User.png

In the boxes enter the following informations:

Field Description
Login Type in the Logon name. You use this name for signing on GeoMedia Smart Client.
Fullname Add user names.
Password The text in this box is covered. All characters (for example, %&234Rh) are allowed. The password only changes if the administrator sets new values for the password and confirm it. If the administrator leaves it blank the password will not change.
Description Here you can add hints that help you identify the user.
Email Add the user's mail. This content is necessary for several types of information, for example, informing users automatically.
Language Choose the language the user will see in the client.

Blue.pngLanguage file(s) must be located in INSTALLDIR\Program\jars\resources. If you don't have any language file, but you want to get another language than english, please have a look at this tutorial. If you define any other language than english and you don't have any language files in this folder Smart Client will start in english.

Language: English