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With the Synchronize Cache command Synchronise cache icon.png, you can manually synchronize the client and server cache. Click Synchronise cache icon.png to open the Synchronize clientcache window:

Synchronize cache window.png

The Synchronize clientcache panel contains two panels, Featureclasses and Statistics. On the Featureclasses panel contains a list of all the feature classes of the current project. The Statistics panel shows static and dynamic information concerning the cache synchronization process:

Synchronize cache statistics.png

Featureclass: This textbox states how many feature classes are selected and are, therefore, taken into account for cache synchronization.

Tiles: This textbox specifies how many tiles those feature classes contain.

Loaded: This textbox specifies how many of those tiles have been successfully synchronized.

Error: This textbox shows how many those tiles have been synchronized with a failure.

Settings cache.png

This option allows you to synchronize only the current display range. Therefore the number of tiles changes when you zoom in or zoom out in the map.

To conduct the synchronization process, first select the feature classes on the Featureclass panel which should be taken into account for synchronization. Then click on the Synchronize start button.png to conduct the cache synchronization:

Wait until all tiles are loaded, and verify that no errors have been encountered. In case of errors, review the log-files.

In some cases the default cache directory on the local system isn't accessible (unable to write or read files). For this reason the user is able to change this directory and the associated button is located in the Synchronize clientcache dialog box (CacheSynchronize.PNG):


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