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New Symbology

test To the top Pfeil new.png

After this step a new window opens, where you are able to choose between From Editor or Upload.

New library2.PNG

Available options
From Editor

Alternative Symbology

test To the top Pfeil new.png

You can define an alternative symbology for every symbol, which is available in the library. At first check the box in front of a symbol (you are only able to check one box a time) and then click Add button.png otherwise you get an error message.

Alternative symbology1.png

You will be forwarded to the option menu, where you can decide if you want to create the symbology From Editor or if you want to Upload a valid symbology file. The difference between creating a new symbology and creating a new alternative symbology is, that you have to define a category. You can define for each library endless categories.

One use case for alternative symbology:

1. Imagine you are displaying raster files in GeoMedia Smart Client.
2. The symbology of the featureclass Parcels for example is a thin black border line.

In this case it can happen that the color of the parcels and the color of the raster files is the same.

To solve this problem you can define an alternative symbology for example that the parcels will have a white border line. In GMSC on the bottom of the legend window you can now switch between the Default symbology and the alternative symbology (Name of the category will be shown in the drop down list).

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