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GeoMedia Smart Client uses the OGC-standard Symbology Encoding.

Symbology Encoding includes the FeatureTypeStyle and CoverageStyle root elements. These elements include all information to symbolize data, such as filter and different Symbolizers. Because Symbology Encoding is a method for symbolizing map data independently of any service interface specification, it may be used in many ways by a number of services to symbolize georeferenced information or to store style information that also may be used by other services.

The OGC Symbology Encoding (SE) standard has initially been part of the Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) 1.0 standard. In August 2007, the OGC declared the separation of the standards (ext. link). Since version 1.1, the SLD standard only describes the styling-related communication with OGC Web services. The actual syntax for the description of styles became known by a new name: OGC Symbology Encoding 1.1 (SE). Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) is still widely used as a synonym for Symbology Encoding (SE). For more information see OGC Standard for Symbol. Here you can find a cookbook for symbology encoding.

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