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The SymbolStyleEditor is a tool to create and prepare styles based on OGC Symbology Encoding SE). You can use this editor as a plugin in the GeoMedia Smart Client Admnistrator. In other words, you can define the display of particular geometries in general, and other modes of geometry are used for providing an individual illustration in a GIS (for example, highlighting and selectioning). Furthermore, a scale-constrained view for every geometry can be set, which shows different designs of a geometry dependent by scale.

The SymbolStyleEditor provides two profiles for creating a style - the easy and the expert mode. The expert mode supplies all functionalities that are specified by SE. The easy mode only supports required functionality and one symbolizer.

The panel is divided into different sections that you see in the picture below.

StyleEditor main.png

Symbology Defintion
Symbol definition style.png There are three values, which are shown here:
  • Library: Not editable and shows at which library the style gets created.
  • Name: Editable and shows the name of the symbology within the style. Visible in the overview list of the symbology library.
  • Type: Not editable and shows which symbolizer you are currently editing or creating.

Blue.pngOnly the Easy Mode is described for every single symbolizer.

Modes style.png Allows you to switch between two different modes within the StyleEditor. Easy Mode and Expert Mode.

Drawing Modes
Selected style.png Allows you to change the style, if the feature is Selected, Touched or Highlighted in GeoMedia Smart Client.
  • Default: The plain geometry on the mapview is edited.
  • Selected: The style of selected objects on the mapview is defined
  • Touched: The geometry's style that is shown when the mouse touches the object.
  • Higlighted: The style that is used for marking objects that are used in the data grid.

Scale Area
Scale area style.png It is possible to specify scale-dependent styles for one symbol. That means, depending on your map scale, that another symbol style is shown. The handling of the scale area depends on the mode that is set.
Blue.pngIf you hold STRG and click on the style and you drag it to another scale and then release the STRG button, you have copied the existing style to the other scale area.

Preview Area
Preview area style.png Allows you get a preview of your current style. The preview area shows every change on the symbol live directly after editing the relative attribute. Furthermore, the preview provides the functionality to see the designed symbol in every scale. Define the scale on the bottom left in which you want to control your design. Clicking on the arrow located on the bottom right allows you to view the preview in the full applet view.
Options for the Preview area
Scale preview.png Allows you to define the scale of the preview area.
Sizecontroller.png Allows you to change the size of the symbol in the preview area.
Fit preview.png Fits the symbology to the preview area.
Enlarge preview.png Enlarges the preview area
Blue.pngThe symbology type Raster does not support a preview.

Edit Area
Edit area style.png Depending on your Mode and your Type you will get different options to choose from.

Blue.pngOnly the Easy Mode is described for every single symbolizer.

Click Savebutton.png to save your settings and to leave the editor applet.

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