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The detail settings Snap DetailSettings.png allow you to specify snapping relevant settings:


Snapping Tolerance

test To the top Pfeil new.png

The snapping tolerance refers to the distance within one point that a feature has to lie in order to be snapped to another. You can increase or decrease the snapping tolerance by moving the snapping tolerance to the right or left, respectively. The following graphic shows the difference between a high and a low snapping tolerance:

High snapping tolerance. Low snapping tolerance.
Snap tolerance example1.png Snap tolerance example2.png

Feature class selection

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In the detail settings menu, you can also specify on which features classes snapping applies. To increase the usability of the client it is possible to filter all feature classes with one word or a part of a word. The user can type in otel or fewer letters and as a result all feature classes that contains the typed in string appears. Snapping-active features classes have an orange font color, where as snapping-inactive feature classes are displayed in blue. To make only one feature class active, click on the respective feature class, and the snapping of all other feature classes will be deactivated. You can also set multiple feature classes snapping-active by selecting the respective feature classes with the mouse cursor.


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