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The snapping tools, which are located on the bottom right of the user interface, help you to accurately create, edit, measure, or dimension features by snapping to existing vertexes, midpoints, endpoints, intersections, and tangents.

The following table gives an overview of the respective snapping tools:

Snapping Tools Description
Snap midpoint icon.PNG Midpoint snapping (F5)
Snap intersec icon.PNG Intersection snapping (F6)
Snap tagent icon.PNG Tangent snapping (F7)
Snap perpen icon.PNG Perpendicular snapping (F8)
Snap vertex icon.PNG Vertex snapping (F9)
Snap endpoint icon.PNG Endpoint snapping (F10)
Snap exist.PNG Use Existing Geometry (F11)
Snap smartSnap icon.png De-/activate smart snapping (F12)
Snap DetailSettings.png Open the detail settings dialog box(Snapping tolerance and feature class selection)
Snap tablet.png GMSC 2014

To increase the usability for tablets in GMSC these two buttons allow you to Undo your last digitized point respectively End current digitizing.

In order use the snapping funtionality, make sure that the respective tools are turned on.

Snap intersec icon.PNG Snapping turned on
Snap intersec icon2.png Snapping turned off

Click on the respective tool to turn it on or off, respectively.

This video shows how to use the snapping toolbar in GeoMedia Smart Client 2013:

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