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Security Users Roles Groups

GeoMedia Smart Client also provides the posibility to summarize users and/or roles in a group. In a group you can store several roles by topic based on right concepts, simplifying the handling of the administration. Instead of adding every role to an user, you can add the user to the group where the roles are stored. Addionally, users can be summarized in a group in the same way as the roles. Note that the role added to the group full of users is an extra one. That means that users have an additional role if they had not allocated this specific role. If one user of the group has assigned this role, the new role is not considered.

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New Group

Use the New Group entry in the quick link section of Security to create a new group. Fill a name in the name field and click Save.

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You will automatically be forwarded to the Edit Group form, where the group must be configured.

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Modify Group

After calling the link Group in the quick link section, a list view opens that lists all groups that are initialized for this virtual site. Select the group you want to configure by double clicking on it

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You will be forwarded to the Edit Group form. Change the configuration of the group on this form. The form is divided in three tabs:

  • Group
  • Group/Roles
  • Group/User

The Group/Roles and Group/User tabs are filled automatically with the content of their referenced topics.

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Filter can be used for Groups/Roles and Groups/Roles. The user can filter by rolename respectively username or by the corresponding Assignment.

  • For adding a role or a user to the group, select the entry of the individual table and click Apply.
  • For disabling a role or user in the group, unmark the specific one and click Apply.

Click Save to store the changes.
Click Delete to delete the group.

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