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SymbolStyleEditor Symbolizer Expert Mode

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To configure this mode, set up a maximum and a minimum scale value and click on Sld editbutton.png. If necessary, click on the plus button in the bottom of the section (Sld plus.png) to add new text fields for the scaled definition and for repeating the procedure. Additionally, you can delete scale definitions by clicking Sld minus.png.

1. Edit the scale values. The setted default value 1.0 means that the style is valid for the views in every scale. The example shows a scale setting from 1 to 10000. That means the symbology that you edit for this scale is shown only in the map if the scale is less than 10001. You can choose two ways for configurating the values - typing and selecting from the combobox.

Sld scaleare2.png

2. Click Sld editbutton.png to initialize the Edit view and to set a default style automatically. 3. Add a new scale dependency by clicking Sld plus.png to provide the symbol in every map scale. Here the second scale entry defines the values 10001 until 100000000000, which can be considerd as unlimited.

SLD scalearea3.png

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