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With this trigger you are able to execute SQL for each array placeholder referenced in the SQL statement.


Name Value Mandatory Description
Supported types:
  • SQL statement with placeholder:
 <value="Delete From BE_ATTACHMENT1 Where ID = {FORM.UploadedFiles}">
  • static value
yes With the parameter Sql you are able to set the SQL statement.

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This trigger iterates over a preselected list of values from a type="listbox" with multiselect="true". The first Param-Tag is used for the definition of the array. For example, the second Param-Tag could be used to execute an SQL-Statement for each loop iteration; the iterator is referenced via {ITERATOR}. The following line is defined in the FormSettings.xml:

 <FormTable name="CHECKCELL_GRID" label="Liste der Zellen:" multiselect="true" type="listbox"
  rowcount="5" datatype="string" lov="SQL[SELECT ...]" persisted="false" required="false"  />

The following line is defined in the WorkflowSettings.xml:

  1. ...
  2. <WorkflowTrigger name="SampleSqlIterator" type="SqlIteratorTrigger" method="action">
  3.   <Param name="Sql" value="Delete From BE_ATTACHMENT1 Where ID = {FORM.UploadedFiles}"/>
  4. </WorkflowTrigger>
  5. ...

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