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The Draw Polygon command Red poly icon.PNG allows you to add new polygon features to the map:

Red poly example.png

The values of Segment and Angle, which appear on the top-right of the mouse symbol when drawing a polygon line segment on the map, correspond to the length and orientation specification of the segment, respectively. When plotting a polygon line segment, there are basically two methods to specify the geographic location of each line segment:

Method 1: Mouse-Controlled

test To the top Pfeil new.png

Click on a point on the map to start the polygon drawing mode. Then drag the mouse cursor to the end point of the polygon line segment, and click to clinch the line segment and (if necessary) to start drawing a new segment. Repeat the process until the polygon is complete, and double click to finalize the polygon.

Method 2: Capture window

test To the top Pfeil new.png

You can also set the length and orientation of a polygon line segment in the Capture window.

Capturing polyline.png

There are two text boxes, Distance and Angle. Distance corresponds to the length of the polygon line segment, whereas Angle specifies the orientation of the line segment. The line segment can then be plotted at the orientation interval specified in the Angle text box. Type the corresponding values into the respective text box, and click on Lock deactivated.png to turn it into Lock activated.png. This locks the mouse-based positioning mode and causes the polygon line segment to be drawn according to the parameters in the construction aid.

An example of use would be the need to draw a right-angle triangle with exact side length and angle specifications:

Red poly example2.png

The construction aid enables you to fulfill those requirements very easily by specifying the appropriate parameters.


test To the top Pfeil new.png

GMSC 2014

Polygon style.png

It is possible to change the style of redlining polyline directly in GeoMedia Smart Client. The above shown figure opens automatically if you click on Draw polygon.

Field Description
Linetype Select a linetype:
  • Solid
Polyline solid.png
  • Dash
Polyline dott.png
  • Dash dotted
Polyline dashdott.png
Color A small window opens where you can select a specific bordercolor.
Blue.pngThe last chosen color will stay for every redlining element.

Fillcolor A small window opens where you can select a specific fillcolor.
Blue.pngThe last chosen color will stay for every redlining element.

Size Type in a desired size
Blue.pngSize is in pixel.

Blue.pngConfirm the size with a click on the Enter button on your keyboard.

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