Redlining (Edit Geometries)

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The Edit redline geometry command Red edit icon.PNG allows you to edit existing redlining geometries. To edit an existing feature(s), you have to select it first. In order to select it, you have to set the Redline working level to active.

Right click on the Red workingLevel.png working level in the legend panel, and then click Set active (see also Feature Selection Tools). When the working level is active, you can select the designated feature(s) by clicking on the feature.

Then click on the Red edit icon.PNG command which causes the editing panel to open up underneath the Construction Aid:

Red EditPanel.png

The Edit panel offers various functions to perform spatial modifications on the feature (see Edit Redline Geometries for more information).

The editing mode can be closed by clicking Red quitEditing.png in Default Operations on the Edit panel.

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