Redlining (Arc by tangents)

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If you click on Arc by tangents Redarc.png and keep your left mouse button a little bit longer pressed a drop down list opens, where you can choose how you want to redline your arc.

Available options
Arc by tangents (Default)
Arc by center
Arc by 3 points

Arc by tangents

test To the top Pfeil new.png

At first you have to define two points on two edges.

Capture arc.png
There is one in red (actual snapped point in GMSC) and one on the other edge (the black circle is just for understanding which point is chosen for the following figures).

After this step an arc is shown in the GeoMedia Smart Client.

Red arc.png

Finally a corner point is snapped and the following figure shows the result of redlining an arc by tangents.

Red arc result.png

Arc by center

test To the top Pfeil new.png

At first you have to click somewhere in the map to start redlining. Then a circle will be drawn. How big this circle will be is up to you.

Arccenter 1.png

Based on the center point and the radius of the circle you can construct a part of the circle.

Arccenter 2.png
If you click again the circumference of the circle is drawn between the endpoint of the first figure and the endpoint of the second figure.
Arccenter 3.png

Arc by 3 points

test To the top Pfeil new.png

At first you have select your starting point by clicking in the map of GMSC.

Arc3points 1.png
Then you have to define your endpoint also by clicking in the map of GMSC.

Arc3points 2.png
The last step is to define a radius of the arc. You have to move the mouse to your desired position and click again in the map of GMSC.

Arc3points 3.png


test To the top Pfeil new.png

GMSC 2014

Polyline style.png

It is possible to change the style of redlining polyline directly in GeoMedia Smart Client. The above shown figure opens automatically if you click on Draw polyline.

Field Description
Linetype Select a linetype:
  • Solid
Polyline solid.png
  • Dash
Polyline dott.png
  • Dash dotted
Polyline dashdott.png
Color A small window opens where you can select a specific color.
Blue.pngThe last chosen color will stay for every redlining element.

Size Type in a desired size
Blue.pngSize is in pixel.

Blue.pngConfirm the size with a click on the Enter button on your keyboard.

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