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Redlining allows you to draw new features on the map, such as points, polylines, polygons, buffers, or text. The features are stored in a local file and are represented in the client as a working level. The redlining commands are located in the Redlining tab on the menu window. The following tables give an overview of each command:

Redlining commands description
Red point icon.PNG Point redlining
Red text icon.PNG Text redlining
Red line icon.PNG Polyline redlining
Redarc.png Arc by tangents redlining
Red poly icon.PNG Polygon redlining
Red Rectang icon.PNG Rectangle redlining
Red buffer icon.PNG Buffer geometry redlining
Red edit icon.PNG Edit redlining geometries
Red copy icon.PNG Copy redlining elements.
Delete single icon.PNG/Delete all icon.PNG Delete redlining elements

Copy Geometries

test To the top Pfeil new.png

The Copy geometries to redline command Red copy icon.PNG allows you to copy existing features of a feature class and allocate them to the Red workingLevel.png working level.

To copy an existing feature to the redline working level, you first have to select the respective feature. In order to select it, you have to set the corresponding feature class to active. Right click on the respective feature class in the Legend panel, and then click on Set active(see also Feature Selection Tools). When the feature class is active, you can select the designated feature(s) by clicking on the feature.

Then click on the Red copy icon.PNG command in the Redlining tab, and a copied instance of the feature is added to the Redline working level.

Delete Geometries

test To the top Pfeil new.png

For deleting extisting redline features, there are two commands available.

The Delete all icon.PNG command deletes the entire features of the Redline working level.

With the Delete single icon.PNG command, you can delete single redline geometries by selection. Click on the command, and then select the respective feature on the map to erase it.

Video of styling redline elements

test To the top Pfeil new.png

GMSC 2014 This video shows how to style redlining elements in GeoMedia Smart Client 2014:

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