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The Feature selection tools can be found on the bottom of the Query panel, which is located on the left side of the user interface:

Selection query.png

The tools allow you select features on the map, which is essential for the conduction of queries. Features can be selected based on fences represented by geometric objects such as circles or polygons. The following table gives an overview of the tools:

Feature selection tools
PointFence icon.png Point fence
CircleFence icon.png Circular fence
LineFence icon.png Polyline fence
RectangularFence icon.png Rectangular fence
PolygonalFence icon.png Polygonal fence
Geometry fence.png Geometry fence
SelectExtent icon.png Map Window Extent

The prerequisite for selecting features of a feature class is that the feature class is set to active. To set the feature class to active, right click on the respective feature class on the legend panel and then click Set active.

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