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The publisher is used for pre-producing map data from individual feature classes. The data will be stored in compressed files on the server. The publisher creates these tiles. If the client finds cached data for a certain map extent on the server, it loades the necessary tiles from the server and uses this data to create the map view. However, the client only requests a tile from the server if the tile is not already in the local cache or the server offers a newer one. This method leads to an excellent loading performance for any map view.

Blue.pngPublishing may only be done for feature classes with the loading type set to Cached or CachingOnDemand. Additionally the features have to be in the legend. How to change the feature loader see at the corresponding datasource here and how to add features to the legend see here

Available sub menus
Publish Orders
Publish Jobs
WMTS Publish Order

Blue.pngTiles, which are created via Publish Orders respectively Publish Jobs are available at GMSC Warehouse\ServerCache\{SiteName}\{ProjectName}\{SimpleID}.

Blue.pngTiles, which are created via WMTS Publish Order are available at GMSC Warehouse\WMTSCache\{SiteName}\{ProjectName}\{WMTS Name}\{Zoomlevel}.

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