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Publish Order New Edit

To publish map data in a specific output type, you have to establish jobs or publish orders. Publish Orders will be automatically executed by the Smart Client Publisher service.

Publish order new.png

Field Description
Name: Name of the Publish Order. This value is afterwards visible in the list of your publish orders.
Owner: Name of the logged in user of GeoMedia Smart Client Administrator.
Project: Select a project out of the drop down list for which you want to create the cache.
Features to publish You will get a treeview that looks the same as your configured legend. Just check the box in front of the name to select your desired features.
Blue.pngOnly features are visible whose Loader is Caching on Demand or Cache. How to change this option have a look here.

Click Save button2.png to get forwarded to the publish order list, where you can see the status of your newly created publish order.

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