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Click Publish Orders in the quick link section Publisher to get a list of all running, finished, and future orders. Publish orders are processed sequentially. All orders are started by initializing, that is, if there is no running process, the order will be a processed immediately. However, if there are running publishing processes, the order will be put in a queue and will wait for the other process to be finished.

Publish orders.png

Every order entry shows its specific settings with the following properties:

Field Description
Name Name of the order that you set by creating the publishing process in section Create New Publish Orders.
Owner User who defined the order.
Number of features Number of feature classes that will be published.
Start date Date when the publishing process has been started.
End date Date when the publishing job was finished.
State The list shows the current status of any publishing process. The job status may be any of the following:
State Description
New The publishing process has been placed in the queue.
Running... The publishing process is currently being processed.
Finished The publishing process was completed successfully.
Error The publishing job shows an error. Check the log file on the server (INSTALLDIR\Tileservice\Log).
Stopped The publishing process has been stopped. The process was interrupted manually by the user. You may do this by clicking REVOKE.
Finished with Errors The publishing job was completed incorrectly. Check the log file on the server (INSTALLDIR\Tileservice\Log).
Unexpected Stop Some tiles were processed, but the whole publishing process is not yet completed. This may be due to a disconnect to the database during the publishing process.
Processed tiles Number of tiles being proccessed completely.
All tiles Number of tiles that should be published.
Actions Delete, stop, or restart a publish order.

If the list of orders gets too long, you may use the filter option to search for individual orders. The search parameters are described above.

Filter Orders.png

Click Add to add a new publish order.
Click Clear Orders to delete all publish orders at once.

Detail View

test To the top Pfeil new.png

If you click on any order in the list, you will get a more detailed view of the publishing settings. The form is divided into two sections:

  • All details of the indvidual order properties as well as those described in the table above
  • Features that have been added to the publish order and the tiling to be used

Publishorders detailview.png

Click Delete to delete the publish order from the list. Click Publish Again to start the publishing process again.

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