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Publish Jobs New Edit

All defined publishing jobs may be accessed by selecting Publish Jobs in the quick link section Publisher.

Publishedjobs listview.png

The list offers you the following information for each job:

Job information
Field Description
Name Job name that you specified when defining the publishing job.
Start Date Day and hour to start the job the first time.
Interval Interval in hours until the process will start again.

If the list of orders gets too long, you may use the filter option to search for individual orders. The search parameters are described above.

Publish job filter.png

Click Add to add a new publish job.

Detail view

test To the top Pfeil new.png

After selecting an entry in the list, you will be forwarded to a detailed view. You will be able to edit the job name, the chosen features, the time and the interval for the job.

Publish job edit.png

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