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Public Maps Administrator Public Maps

The following screenshot shows you the starting point of our demo example of Public Maps.

Start publicmaps.png

As you can see in the screenshot, you can find some buttons and fields, which are editable respectively clickable.

Field / Button Description
URL The URL for the Public Maps project is always:

If your project is loaded in Public Maps the URL is extended to:

Blue.pngMapCenter (x) and MapCenter (y) are in the basemap coordinate system.

Fulltext search1.png
With this field, you can use the fulltext search.
Blue.pngHow to define the full-text search for your Public Maps can be found here.

Zooming publicmaps.png
With this two buttons, you can either zoom in or zoom out in your Public Maps.
Centerpoint publicmaps.png
If you want to use the browser based location than you are able to center always at the last point.
Blue.pngMainly makes sense if you browse your Public Maps on mobile devices.

Changelayer publicmaps.png
All of previously defined map views will be available here.
Blue.pngIt is the same list, as here.

Share publicmaps.png
Allows you to share the link of your Public Maps via different options.

Share media publicmaps.png
From left to right:

  • E-Mail
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google +

In the installation directory you will find in the folder Public a PublicMaps.config. There you'll find a parameter EnableCache. Default is true. If you set this value to false you don't need always an IISReset if you change something in your Public Maps project.

Blue.pngIn production the suggested value is True. Otherwise everytime you start your Public Maps project everything is loaded live.

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