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The Printing tab on the menu window contains commands to print map extracts and to produce snapshots of map extracts. The tab contains the following three commands:

Printing Commands Description
Printsettings icon.png Specify the print settings and conduct the printing
Snapshot icon.png Make a snapshot without scalebar
Snapshot scale icon.png Make a snapshot including a scalebar

Printing a map extract

test To the top Pfeil new.png

The Printing command Printsettings icon.png allows you to print a specified map extract. Zoom to the designated map extract, and click Printsettings icon.png to open the Print Settings dialog box:

Printsettings overview.png

The green area in the background of the Print Settings dialog box indicates the extent of the print extract. You can move/rotate the extent by clicking one on of the corner points and hold the left mouse button.

You will also get a print settings window, where you can define some options.

Tab Field Description
Printer configuration Printer Last configured printer is visible. You can change it by clicking Red edit icon.PNG.
Format Value is taken from the predefined print layout. You can change the format by clicking Red edit icon.PNG.
General print settings Layout Every print layout, which is assigned to the role can be selected. How to assign print layouts to the role can be read here.
Symbology Default is the default value. If you have alternative symbology within the Smart Client or defined it in the Smart Client Administrator. How to define alternative symbologies in Smart Client can be read here and in Smart Client Administrator here.
Scale Default value for Scale' is the current scale, where the printing dialog is called up. You change it to your desired scale.
Raster-resolution Default value is 150 dpi. You can change it to:
  • 72
  • 96
  • 144
  • 150
  • 300
Blue.pngPlease make sure that your printer is supporting the DPI's, which you have chosen.

Layout attributes If you have defined placeholder within your print layout, they are visible in this part of the Print settings dialog. How to define placeholder within the print layout can be read here. How to fill these placeholders with values can be found here.
Available actions Legend button.png You can hide/display the legend entries, which are currently visible in the print layout.

Legend button details.png

Open button.png You can open previously savd print settings, if you aren't satisfied with the current settings.
Save button.png You can save your current print settings and use it on another client for example.
Preview button.png Before printing the map extent, you can preview it.

Print preview.png

Print button.png If you are satisfied with your settings and the preview looks good, you can print your map extent.

Making snapshots

test To the top Pfeil new.png

There are two commands available on the Printing tab to create snapshots. With the Snapshot icon.png command, you can make a snapshot without a scalebar, whereas with the Snapshot scale icon.png command, you make snapshots where a scalebar is included:

Snapshot without a scalebar Snapshot with a scalebar (upper left corner)
Snapshot noscale.png Snapshot withscale.png

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