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At a Glance

Intergraph® GeoMedia® Smart Client is a java-based rich client solution for delivering enterprise-wide, sophisticated geospatial workflows.

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Traditional geographic information systems (GIS) are well-suited for project or departmental use by experienced GIS users. However, working in multi-disciplinary environments introduces complex requirements and challenges that most conventional products cannot manage without extensive customization. In addition, they do not address the data management and user access control requirements necessary for broad enterprise-wide deployment. The cost of licensing and supporting specialized desktop applications also preludes their general rollout across an organization.

GeoMedia Smart Client meets the needs of multi-disciplinary operations and supports more than 25,000 users in areas spanning national, regional, and municipal governments, as well as infrastructure management, land management, and public safety. It delivers an enterprise geospatial platform engineered to support large numbers of users who are unable to operate full desktop products, but whose workflows need advanced geospatial functionality that cannot be supported by Web-mapping tools. GeoMedia Smart Client achieves this through its unique combination of the following capabilities:

  • User-friendliness and administrative simplicity of browser-based products
  • High-end geospatial capabilities of conventional desktop products
  • Data and user management functionality essential for multi-departmental enterprise implementations or collaborative environments

The power and flexibility of these combined attributes enable organizations to implement and sustain simple-to-use and highly efficient enterprise geospatial business workflows not supported by out-of-the-box products.

What is a Smart Client

Smart Client applications can be created using different technologies. The client uses Web protocols and standards for communications (for example, HTTP and SOAP), but it is entirely separate and does not need to run in Web browsers. Smart Client features include the following:

  • Delivery of applications over a Web HTTP connection
  • Independently free of installation (does not provide automated installation and updates)
  • Automatic updates without user action
  • Look and feel of a desktop application

SmartClient General.PNG

Figure 2 displays the ability of a Smart Client application to deliver highly technical geospatial capabilities to large numbers of non-GIS users.

Smart Client does not replace desktop or Web solutions, but it fills the gap that exists for delivering high-end technical geospatial capabilities to large groups of non-GIS users.

High-end Geospatial Functionality

GeoMedia Smart Client’s geospatial capabilities include high-end functions such as vector data capture and editing (including the use of snaps, construction aids, and dimensioning), redlining, analysis, and large-format true-scale plotting.

Land dimensioning Data capturing with snapping functionality Spatial and attributive queries
Dimensioning1.PNG Redlining snapping1.PNG Feature Selection1.PNG

Business Logic

At GeoMedia Smart Client’s core is a highly configurable rules and workflow engine that enables organizations to implement life-cycle workflows, feature-level access control, data validation and behavior, and integration to other systems. Its simple user interface and the ability to guide users with task-specific forms and workflows reduce training overheads and increase productivity and data quality. The coordinated access, data models, and life cycles increase information sharing and re-use. This avoids the inefficiencies, errors, and risks that usually come with different functions working on their own silos of data.

Simple Deployment and Management

The use of Intergraph’s Smart Client technology delivers the power of desktop functionality without the cost and complexity of rolling out desktop applications. Based on standard Java Web Start technology, it runs as a self-configuring and updating Smart Client. This provides a high-performance client platform compatible with most major operating systems (Windows®, LINUX, Mac, and so on) without depending on third-party products or the administrative issues that arise from browser versions and settings or operating system compatibilities. GeoMedia Smart Client communication between the client and application servers is entirely based on Web services using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP).


The use of intelligent geospatial data caching for raster and vector data enables selected graphical data (for example, aerial photos and land use plans) to be cached either on the server in the LAN or on the client. You can then read this data directly from the cache, taking the load of the map servers and network.


This provides a huge boost to performance levels in terms of access time, and reduces the volume of data transferred from the server to a minimum. The client caches are kept current through a fully automated process using timestamps, without any need for user intervention.

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