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To start GeoMedia Smart Client Administrator, enter the corresponding HTTP path which has been specified during installation into your webbrowser. The following example describes the administrator start process:

1. Enter the HTTP path in your web browser:

Start url2.png

2. The login panel comes up:

Field Description
Username: Name of the GeoMedia Smart Client Administrator. SCAdmin is defined as default.
Password: Password for the GeoMedia Smart Client Administrator. SCAdmin is defined as default.
Site: Name of the GeoMedia Smart Client server (virtual site). The virtual site is defined during the installation process and references to a database schema where the Smart Client metadata is stored. GMSC is the default virtual site installed automatically. Additional virtual sites may be configured in the registry manually (see Installation for further information). If you have configured several sites, you will have to choose the desired one from the combobox. Otherwise, the virtual site is set automatically to the default GMSC.

User Interface

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The following figure shows the window when the administrator gets started.

Main window.PNG

Field Description
Breadcrumb trail The tells where in the workflow the user is currently located.


Left panel Offers predefined quick links with reference to the various tasks. Click on a link to open the corresponding topic. The following figure shows an extract of the whole quicklinksection.

Left panel.PNG

Main panel Displays the actual forms. A form is like a data sheet; it contains the data for this specific topic or workflow. The user may manipulate the data in the sheet to a certain predefined extent.

Additional forms with one or more tabs may be invoked. That way the user gets access to specific information related to the chosen topic. Navigation through the administrator takes place by either choosing a workflow through any of the quick links or by proceeding from form to form/tab. The initial form summarizes the topics of the quick link section.

Main panel.PNG

Switch between administrators

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GMSC 2015

Since GeoMedia Smart Client 2015 it is possible to switch between GeoMedia Smart Client Administrator and Public Maps Administrator. Click on this button (Switch admin.png).

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