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GMSC 2015

To create a new WMTS in GMSC you have to click on New WMTS on the left hand side of the Administrator.

New wmts.png

Field Description
Name Name of the WMTS.
Project Select the project for whose you want to create the WMTS. Every previously defined project will be available in this drop down list.
Depth There are two different approaches to get the depth of the WMTS.
1. You can define your own depth (for example 8)
2. You can compute the depth by clicking Edit.png
Blue.pngThe edit button won't be available until a project from the drop down list is selected.

If you choose method 2. then a modal form will open up, where you can define your desired scale (for example 1000).

Wmts scale.png
Format Choose between Png and Jpeg.

Blue.pngOnly Png supports transparency.

Backgroundcolor Click on the drop down box and you can choose, which color should be used for the transparent regions as well as for the background (for example blue)

Wmts blue background.png

Blue.pngIf you aren't satisfied with the chosen background color, you can also click Trashcan.png to reset this option.

WMTS Area Automatically calculated MBR (minimum boundary rectangle) for the chosen project. If you aren't pleased with the area you can click Lock symbol.png to unlock the editing of the WMTS Area.
Blue.pngThe WMTS Area should/must always be a squared MBR. Otherwise it can be that you will get a WMTS, which is compressed and expanded.

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