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In GeoMedia Smart Client project views can be defined. Project views specify certain settings for a view in the map window. It is only valid for the features it is set for.

Add Projectview

test To the top Pfeil new.png

Use the form on the tab Projectview to define a project view the following way:

1. Click Add button.png to create a new project view in a modal form.

Add projectview.png

2. Enter the necessary information. The following table describes the input fields:

Field Description
Name Name of the project view.
Blue.pngThe name must be unique since existing project views cannot be overwritten.

Is restricted This box will take effect at your printing. If you don't check the box, then you are able to print every visible feature in the project. If you check the box your printing will only contains these features which are assigned to your project view. That means you have three features in your project view and set four features visible in the GeoMedia Smart Client. If the box is restricted is empty, you will able to print all seven features. If you check the box, then only the three features of your project view will be printed.
Scale 1: Scale of the project view the map will be set to
Center(East): X-coordinate of the view's center point
Center(North): Y-coordinate of the view's center point
Created by: This field isn't editable and the value of this field is the name of the creator of this project view.}}

3. Adding feature classes to the designated project view is the same procedure as before. Select a feature on the left side, click on the projectview on the right side (so the name is covered with an orange buffer), and then click Assign. You can also add whole themes to the project view.

Blue.pngOnly feature classes will be visible in the project view tab on the right side.

Projectview main.png

Blue.pngYou have to give the specific role also the right to see the projectview. How you can assign this claim to the role can be found here.

Edit/Remove Entry

test To the top Pfeil new.png

To edit an project view, click Edit button.png. A modal form opens, where you can edit your values you've defined before.

Edit projectview.png

There is a new available option:

Field Description
Active feature This dropdown list allows you to set an active feature when you start GeoMedia Smart Client, but it is required that the feature right is set at least to Activate. To set an feature right to Activate, the is locatable checkbox must be checked in the feature options. How to set the feature right is described here and how to set is locatable is described at the single feature types here.

To delete a project view, mark it, click Edit button.png and then click Delete.

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