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Themes are similar to topics. They are used to group feature classes according to a logical relationship. Feature classes in GeoMedia Smart Client may only be used by the client if they are assigned to a theme. For example you create a theme named Infrastructure. Then you can for example assign features like streets, churches and so on to this theme. If you start GeoMedia Smart Client you can see the themes you have created in the administrator in your legend and if some features are assigned to the themes you can open the themes and then see all the assigned features.

Click on the tab Legend to define your themes in the legend.


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Add themes

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Add a theme by clicking Add button.png. A popup window will be opened.

Add theme.png

Type in your specific theme name and decide if you want to set your theme as Is closed or as Is hidden.

Theme options
Is closed The client will be able to see the entry of the theme in the client's legend but will not be able to see the individual associated feature classes.However, symbology and all functions of the features in the map will not be affected.
Is hidden A theme will not be shown in the legend at all, but the feature classes within that theme are displayed in the map and hold all defined functionality.

Click Save to save the new theme. Click Cancel to return to the previous form.

Remove themes

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To delete a theme, click on the name of the theme, so the font is covered by a orange buffer and then click File:Edit button. Then a new window opens (the same as the first figure of this section), where you can edit the name or set the theme as closed or hidden. In this window is a button Delete too, which deletes the theme.


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Add features to the theme

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Blue.pngTo be able to add features to a theme, you need to define features to the project in advance. Select at importing new features here the corresponding project.

Adding feature(s) to a theme check the boxes of the needed feature(s) on the left side. Then click on the theme name on the left side (NOT on the checkbox), so the name gets covered by a orange buffer, and click Assign. So the feature(s) on the left side gets on the theme on the right side.

Legend main.png

Blue.pngOne feature cannot be added to two themes at the same time. To add a feature to more than one theme, you need to add it twice into the feature list.

Removing features

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To remove a feature class from a theme, check the box in front of the name and click Remove.

Adjusting themes or features

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In the legend panel it is also possible to move feature classes to another theme. At first you have to click the checkbox of the desired feature class, then click on the name of a theme and click Move to.

It is also possible to switch the order of the themes or features. At first you click the checkbox in front of a theme/feature, then click on the name of the theme/feature after which you want to have the theme/feature and at the end you click MoveAfter. With this step the first chosen theme/feature gets located after the second one.

Legend configuration (Video)

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This video shows how to configure your legend in the GeoMedia Smart Client 2013.

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