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In Geomedia Smart Client, Print Values can be set for a dynamic adjustment of values in print layouts. Therefore, a created print layout file can be used in several projects, but can have different values that are set by placeholders (printkey). The print keys are defined in the PrintLayoutEditor during the design of the layout file. The administrator reads them from the layout file and fills the list automatically:

Printlayout Printkey.png

There are two options for you to use these print keys.

1. You can type in constant values. These values are fixed as shown in each project's printing.

2. Use dynamic values by setting an sql string. Here values stored in the database will be set to generate the print in the client. Furthermore, hard-coded variables allow dynamic content, so values can be queried by properties of a project:

  • Set a SQL string and a variable, if needed.
  • Set the connect to the datasource.

Possible print values
SQL Placeholder

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