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Field Description
POI Name of the POI which is defined in the POIs section in the Public Maps Administrator.
Blue.pngEvery feature can be moved by drag and drop. This influences the order of the drawing in the layer. So your first feature is most underneath layer later in the map.

Themes Shows you in which theme the POI feature is stored in the GeoMedia Smart Client Administrator.
Blue.pngEverything important to the legend in the GeoMedia Smart Client Administrator can be found here.

Actions This button allows you to delete the POI for the specific map view.

test To the top Pfeil new.png

Adding new POIs

Click Add to add more POIs to your map view. The following modalform opens up:
Add poi.png
The drop down list shows all previously defined POI features.

Blue.pngHow to define POIs in the Pulic Maps Administrator can be read here.

Click Add to add the selected POI to the Public Maps Administrator map view definition.

Click Cancel if you want to abort the operation and close the modalform.

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