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On the Symbols tab, you can assign new display rules and define thematic legend entries for the feature class.

Blue.pngSymbology needs to be created in advance. See section on Symbology.

Features Symbols.png

The display rule General is set as the default.

- Click Add to start the popup window to add a new display rule.
- Use Edit cs.png to edit your settings. In the new window you can also Delete the added display rule.

Blue.pngGMSC 2015 If you want to use ClusterPoint symbols you'll get Add ClusterPoint display rule too. So you have to add a display rule for your ClusterPoint and for your common point style. A how to can be found here.

Add a new display rule

test To the top Pfeil new.png

Symbol Add.png

Field Description
Name Unique name for your symbology and feature
Library Any of your symbology libraries from the pull-down menu
Symbology Symbology from the selected library. The list will only show the symbologies matching the geometry type of your feature.
Filter Filter to define thematic legend entries

Thematic Legend Entries

test To the top Pfeil new.png

Thematic feature entries can be established by adding a filter to a display rule. A filter is defined through a where - statement as it can be found in SQL. As soon as two display rules are defined, a thematic legend entry is created.

Use the following syntax to set up a filter:

attribute_name= filter


test To the top Pfeil new.png

Filter Example.png

Blue.pngThe following example is NOT valid. You can only define one symbology for each Display Rule.

Thematic invalid.png

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