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The Measure Line command Measure line icon.png allows you to measure the length and angle of a line segment. The angle corresponds to the orientation of the line (North: 0°, East: 90°, South: 180°, West: 270°). In combination with the snapping tools (see also Snapping) located on the bottom-right of the user interface, you can achieve precise mesurement results. One example of use would be to measure the width of a lake:

Snap to the starting vertex The line measure element depicted in the map <br\> showing the length of the line and the angle
Measure line example1.png Measure line example2.png

To snap to a point, hover the mouse over the designated feature until the brown cross symbols appear. Those crosses correspond to the respective vertices of the feature. Move the circle-shape mouse cursor over the point where you want the line to start, and click on the vertex to set the starting point. Then drag the line to the end point, repeat the snapping process to locate the end point, and then click on the point to finalize the measure line.

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