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The Measure tab on the menu window contains various commands to perform point, linear, circle, and area measurements on features. The measure results are only available during the session and are represented in the client as a working level. The following table gives an overview of the measure commands:

Measure commands description
Measure point icon.png Point measuring
Measure line icon.png Line measuring
Measure cumDis icon.png Cumulative distance measuring
Measure circle icon.png Circle measuring
Measure polygon icon.png Polygon measuring
Delete single icon.PNG/Delete all icon.PNG Delete Elements

Delete Measure Elements

test To the top Pfeil new.png

For deleting extisting measure elements, there are two commands available.

The Delete all icon.PNG command deletes the entire features of the Measure working level.

With the Delete single icon.PNG command, you can delete single measure element by selection. Click on the command, and then select the respective feature on the map to erase it.

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