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SymbolStyleEditor Symbolizer Expert Mode
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Sld Edit line.png

Attribute Description
Unit Defines the units of your settings. The size of your settings depends on this.
Linetype Defines the kind of a line. There are four kinds of lines to select:
  • Standard: Characterizes a normal enclosed line.
  • Shape1: The setting of a dashed line. This examples shows the constant dotting in a span of 3.0.
  • Shape2: The setting of a dashed line. This examples shows a more complex dotting.
  • Symbology Resource: You are able to change the linetype to a resource, which you have defined in the library. For more information see Resources.
Size Defines the width of the line.

(Only valid if Linetype is a Symbology Resource)

Defines the rotation of the symbols.
Color Specifies the color of the style layer. See the extra description for the color panel.
Opacity in % Specifies how much the color obscures the background, usually defined by its alpha channel. The value 100% is the default and means full coverage.
  • Mitre: Sld edit line mitre.png
  • Round:Sld edit line round2.png
  • Bevel: Sld Edit line brevet.png
Linecap Defines the end of the particular line segment.
  • Butt: Sld edit line butt.png
  • Round:Sld edit line round.png
  • Square: Sld edit line square.png
Dasharray Initializes the spacing between the particular line segments. Define it like 20.0 34.4 43.4.
Blue.pngIn the example every third distance is 20.0....

Sld edit dasharry.png

Initial Dashoffset Displacement of the dash depending on the original one.
Perpendicular Offset Line´s distance from the initital location.

1. Example: +5. The line is placed about 5 (units) from the orginal position above.

2. Example: -5 The line is placed about 5 (units) from the orginal position below.

Blue.pngAlso database values are allowed. Just click the database button on the right side of the textbox. So the button Database inactive.png switches to Database active.png.

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