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Library New Edit

You generate symbol libraries to store individual symbol definitions. With the different symbol libraries, you are able to provide saved symbol definitions for the individual geometry types. A symbol library may store a large amount of symbol definitions to be used with many projects and features. It might be useful to structure your library by, for instance, creating different libraries for the individual geometry types or themes or even scales. For example, a library for the topic traffic could be used to store all styles for any traffic geometries.

To create a new library, open the form New Library from the quick link section Symbology.

New library.PNG

Enter a name for your library. Click Save to save the new library.

Import Library

test To the top Pfeil new.png

It is also possible to upload an existing symbology library. To do this you have to click Import Library from the quicklink section Symbology.

Import library.PNG

In this window you have to select a ZIP file, which contains the SE files (XML).

Blue.pngOnly previous exported libraries can be imported. Primarily it is for exchange between different GeoMedia Smart Client instances.

Blue.pngIt is not possible to have the same symbology definition twice. That means you aren't allowed to have the same defintion in the zip file and in the Symbology definition list.

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