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Library New Edit

You will get a list of all existing symbol libraries. Click on any library to manage the specific on and alter symbols, to add new symbols, or to delete symbols from the library.

To get the list to manage your libraries, use the quick link Symbology -> Manage Libraries.

Manage Libraries.png

Click on the library you would like to modify. A new window opens, which is divided into three sections:


Field Description
Name Shows the name of the library and may be changed and overwritten. To accept the changes click Save.
Symbology Filter GMSC 2015 You can filter your complete library by name.
Check definition.png Check one symbology definition and you will see in the Alternative Symbologies group if one is defined or not.
Symbology definition.png Name of the symbology within the library.
Edit cs.png Edit the symbology in the SymbolStyleEditor.
Delete.png Delete the symbology.
Add button.png Add a new symbology. Detailed information can be found here.
Alternative Symbologies GeoMedia Smart Client provides a powerful tool to handle user-defined symbology. For any symbol defined in the section Symbology Definition, you may specify alternative symbols to be used instead of the original symbol for display in the client. To add such a symbol, mark the original symbol in the Symbology Definition section and click Add in the Alternative Symbologies section.

Click Export to export the library in a .zip file. So you may use it on another server or on another site. Click Delete to delete the whole library. Click Save to save all your changes.


test To the top Pfeil new.png

The Resources tab will be needed if you like to initialize point symbols that are used in the section Alternative Symbologies above.


Field Description
Add resource Select a file, which has one of the following four graphic formats:
  • JPG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • SVG
Upload Files Selected file gets uploaded.
Blue.pngOne folder has to be selected where the resource file should be stored in.

Add folder Type in a name for a specific folder for the resource file.
Add cs.png Add the specific folder to the treeview (= in the main window).
Blue.pngOne folder has to be selected to add the newly created folder.

Delete Selection Click Delete Selection to delete on the one hand one or more resource files and on the other hand delete one or more folders.
Blue.pngFile(s) respectively folder(s) must be selected in order to delete it/them.

Blue.pngYou will finde your resources in GMSC Warehouse\Symbology\LibraryName.

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