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Overview Session Sequence

The sequence of a GeoMedia Smart Client session can be defined as follows:

Session Sequence.png

First, you need to start GeoMedia Smart Client. In doing so, the requisite components are installed or updated over the Internet. After successfully starting the application, you either continue directly to a specific intranet project or you are prompted to login, to select an intranet project, and to select whether you want to load the standard configuration or a specific map extract and contents over a bookmark. These optional dialogs are configured specific to the user.

GeoMedia Smart Client loads all requisite project data and displays the graphical user interface. Essentially, this consists of a map window and diverse communication elements for navigating, querying, making measurements, dimensioning, and so on.

Starting the Application

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GeoMedia Smart Client is a Java-based application which runs on your client machine in a separate application window. It supports both online and offline functionalities:

  • Online: Means that there is an established connection to the application server over the internet on which application-relevant data is exchanged. The application itself is downloaded over the internet, which corresponds to an JNLP (Java Network Launching Protocol) file. This is an XML document containing information on the requisite GeoMedia Smart Client components and the current version number and diverse settings, for example, for user login, project selection, and bookmarks. The JNLP files are created and administrated specific to the user. After downloading the file, it is executed, and the application will automatically be installed on the client machine.
  • Offline: Means that GeoMedia Smart Client also operates in case of internet connection problems. The offline mode offers limited functionality, such as navigating, measuring, dimensioning, or printing.

In order to start GeoMedia Smart Client, enter the corresponding HTTP path (http://myServer/gmsc), which has been given to you, in your Web browser (for example, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox). The Java application will then be downloaded and installed automatically on your client machine. If the application has already been installed on your machine, it will start right away.

User Authentication

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After starting GeoMedia Smart Client, a connection to the application server will be established to obtain project-relevant data. At this point you have to log in. The login dialog box may contain the following user-specific edit controls or selection fields corresponding to the presettings specified in the JNLP-File:

  • User: Name of the GeoMedia Smart Client user
  • Password: Password for the GeoMedia Smart Client user
  • Server: Name of the GeoMedia Smart Client server (virtual site)

Blue.pngUsers are defined in the administrator. Details can be found here.

The following examples highlight the three possible login scenarios:

1. User & Password

In a usual scenario, you log in with your user name and password and click OK or Cancel to abort the start process.


2. User & Password & Server

If you have access to several GeoMedia Smart Client servers (VirtualSites), you also need to select a server, and the login dialog box may appear as follows:

3. Password Only

In case of a demonstration project, for instance, it may be useful to simply pass on the password and set the user name as a permanent property. In this case, the User edit box is grayed-out.

Project Selection

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If several GeoMedia Smart Client projects are available for selection, the following selection dialog box appears:


Click on the designated project to flag, and click OK to continue.

If only a single project has been assigned to you, this dialog box is skipped.

Blue.pngUser permissions concerning the access of the GeoMedia Smart Client project are specified in GeoMedia Smart Client Administrator.


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