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Labeling Database StyleEditor

The second method to label feature classes in GeoMedia Smart Client is to incorporate labeling within the symbology definition of the respective feature class.

1. In the project symbology library, find the symbology definition of the corresponding feature class:

Symbology overview.png

2. Open the feature class symbology definition with the Symbol Style Editor:

Style Editor1.png

3. On the Scale Areas panel right click on Scale: 1-open and then click on text.

Style Editor Text.png

4. In the textfield Label-Text you can type in which text should be shown. You can enter a static text (for example Hacienda).Click on LinePlacement to place your text on the line.

Style Editor Text2.png

5. There you can define a few options:

Line placement.png

Set the orientation and alignment of the label by specifying values for the elements:

  • Initial Gap
  • Gap
  • Repeat
  • Align

Field Description
Initial Gap Refers to the distance from the endpoints of a line segment to the text element.

Labeling Initial Gap.png

Gap Refers to the distance between two text elements.

Labeling Gap.png

Repeat When the check box is checked, the text is displayed multiple times on a single line segment; otherwise, only once per line segment.
Repeat On Repeat Off
Labeling Repeat.png Repeat off.png
Align When the check box is checked,the label text elements are aligned respective to the line segment. When unchecked, the text is always horizontally aligned.
Align On Align Off
Labeling Repeat.png Labeling Alignment.png

6. Click Enter dynamic values button to specify the corresponding attribute of the text:

Labeling dynamic values.png

7. Type in the name of the attribute column on which the label should be based on (for example, STRNAME).

8. Click Save button2.png to save the label configuration.

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