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Chaining multiple AJAX-based functions

Problem: You want to chain multiple AJAX-based functions together so that the second function starts after the AJAX request of the first function finished.

Solution: By nesting the callbacks of the two functions you can maintain the sequential execution order:

 IG.getItemById('DATACONNECT').reload().done(function (data) {
     //IG.trigger is called in the done callback of the field reload
     //so it is executed after DATACONNECT was reloaded
     IG.trigger({triggerNames:['TriggerAssignPluginParam']}).done(function (result) {
        //reload the feature after executing the trigger

Note: .reload() and IG.trigger() both return a jQuery AJAX object that allows the subscription of callbacks at any time. Please see the jQuery documentation for more details on using this object.

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