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A Checkbox allows the user to select one or more predefined options. It inherits all methods and properties from BaseModel. This widget is available since GMSC 07.

Methods & Properties

This widget inherits all methods and properties from BaseModel. The following methods have a different behaviour:

fill(values, selectedValue)

pre-fills the widget with a list of values and optionally selects the selected Value.


{Array} values An array of objects containing the list-of-value items. Each item must have the following structure {id: 'valueOfItem', name: 'Label shown in the widget'}

{String} selectedValue (optional) value that should be pre-selected.


Fill a list-of-value-widget (AutoComplete, Combobox or editable Combobox) with two items and pre-select the second one:

var lovWidget = IG.form.getItemById('LOV');
lovWidget.fill([{id: '1', name: 'First Item'},{id: '2', name: 'Second Item'}], '2');