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The GeoMedia Smart Client product line provides you with a platform for making your GIS data available to a multitude of different users at any number of workplaces in your company. From simple address searches, the integration and use of land-development plans, aerial photos, and utility-line plans to complex spatial analyses and system-controlled operational sequences, GeoMedia Smart Client provides you with an affordable, Web-based system for publishing high-quality mass data for all users on the intranet and internet.

GeoMedia Smart Client HTML-Workflows offer an easy-to-use Meta-Language to guide users through workflows. With the simple configuration defined in XML, you can create your own formulas to edit attributive and/or geometrical data.

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  • Implementation of the server components in .NET 4.0
  • Customizable layout
  • Definition in XML format
  • Easy integration into your GIS solution

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